The last time I was at Spa was already 2 years ago. With 26 degrees and sunshine @Dennis and I where looking forward to the day. We arrived at the smaller paddock and it was FULL. They should not ... read more
And we are back again! The sun was 30 degrees and strong! Temperature was very good and the day started excellent. Together with @Peter we had 5 sessions of fun on the track. Started off with a 1... read more
First time back on the track at Circuit Zolder! The weather forecast was 10 degrees and cloudy, not ideal but doable for the time of the year. But after the first session the sun appeared and it ... read more
The last time on the TT Circuit of Assen this year. This year we had a lot of rain and mixed conditions. This day we are blessed with a temperature of 30 degrees and a lot of sun! First time out ... read more
3rd time at Assen after our 4 hour race. I didn't wanted to go on this track day very much because it was very short after our 4 hour race. This season I'm not as fast as the year before. The time... read more
Our first endurance :O After we got our license @Peter and I thought lets do a endurance race! Made some phone calls and we got a team. Later @Dennis joined us to and we got 3 riders and a pit cre... read more
When we booked this day we did not that on the 6th of June 2017 we are going to ride the 4 hours of Assen. Therefore we took the opportunity to check out our pitbord, train the crew and do full ses... read more
Zolder again, lets see what it will bring this time. And it did bring something... The day before we looked at the weather and no rain was predicted. So my bike was still on rain tires from Assen ... read more
It is time to step up and get our race license. When we arrived the weather was as always mixed. Due to the delay in the briefing we got late at the first session and did 1,5 lap. The second brie... read more
Last day at SPA and our race group is complete again. When we arrived it was chaos. The normal (ster) entrance was not available and we had to take the other entrance to enter the paddock.  (sugge... read more
At the lat ART training @Peter was the fastest person with a 1:48. The last chance of 2016 to improve the time. Due to a event "Petrol Head" there where only 3 sessions in the afternoon but they w... read more
Top tweedaagse! Zaterdag en zondag voormiddag mooi weer. Zondag namiddag is het dan voor de verandering nog maar eens beginnen regenenen. En zoals de meeste piloten had ook ik de regenbanden thuis ... read more
A second attempt for a training. Our last training fell into ☔ It was not possible for safe instructions and we did some nice laps of our own.  The day started very well. The circuit was dry and w... read more
After 3 years we where back at @Circuit_Park_Zandvoort. The weather forecast was not very good. During 11:00 and 14:00 there would be rain and therefore I had to skip 2 sessions. Session 1 was wit... read more
Het was mijn eerste dag van mijn jaarlijkse vakantie en het is een prachtige dag geworden. Mooi (vooral warm) weer. Wel uitzonderlijk veel valpartijen.  read more
En voor de verandering..... REGEN!!! read more
3rd track day at @Circuit_Zolder and as always curious about the weather. The gods where with us today and we had a beautiful start and only the first session was a little slippery. My personal go... read more
30 en 31 Mei twee dagen naar het prachtige circuit van CAROLE (FR) met Inter Track. En het werden twee dagen regen! NON STOP!! Hopelijk volgend jaar meer geluk met het weer want ik ga zeker terug... read more
De rijder Alain - PINTJE heeft je getagged voor deze trackday. Verwijder deze tekst en schrijf je eigen verhaal. read more
Arrived at @TT-Circuit_Assen we all very nervous and we all found a sleeping place Zzzz... In the morning we woke up with a blue sky and the sun shining. We could not which for better weather. Fro... read more
DE combinatie van: twee uurtjes slaap (feestje de nacht voordien), een onbekend circuit en nieuwe koude banden is GEEN goede combinatie! De eerste twee sessies werden besteed aan het verkennen van... read more
De rijder Alain - PINTJE heeft je getagged voor deze trackday. Verwijder deze tekst en schrijf je eigen verhaal. read more
To improve our qualities we decided to take a course Advanced Rider Training (ART) at @Motorsportschool. The weather was as always very wild with rain in the afternoon. With the best intentions on... read more
Regen, regen en..... regen. Ah ja! Ook wind, veel wind... Bon, het was wel de gelegenheid om voor de eerste maal met regenbanden op de piste te gaan. En als dan 90% van de piloten met hun gewone b... read more
Tijdens de week heb ik de nodige herstellings werken aan m’n oud brommertje uitgevoerd. Het verlies van koelvloeistof bleek het gevolg van een kapotte waterpomp. Gelukkig voor die oude R6’kes vindt... read more
Wat een prachtige dag is dit geworden. Mooi zalig weer, goede organisatie en alleen maar lachende gezichten. Alhoewel, behalve bij die enkelen die in de grindbak zijn gegaan. Maar het waren er uitz... read more
The 2016 season started and it is the first trackday of the year. It was cold, moist and did not look attractive at all. But we started our day with good intentions. We met a know friend that we m... read more
Eerste circuit dag van het nieuwe seizoen. Benieuwd wat het gaat worden. En spannend afwachten voor de weersomstandigheden. Meer later.... Het is niet echt een groot succes geworden vandaag. Met m... read more
2daagse assen met de hele bende altijd goed gelachen :) smorgens 1ste sessie barkoud daarna rond 18 graden zonnetje op de asfalt dus was wel lekker rijden :) read more
Last day of the year again. The confidence is growing and the times where way to fast for the "less" fast group. After 2 sessions being the fasted rider jumped to the fast group. I noticed that it ... read more
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