September 04, 2016 by Johan at Circuit Zolder

Time for revanche at Zolder

Fastest lap time: 01:47.999 (133.7 km/h)

At the lat ART training  @Peter was the fastest person with a 1:48. The last chance of 2016 to improve the time.

Due to a event "Petrol Head" there where only 3 sessions in the afternoon but they where great 3 sessions! In the morning it was poring with rain but we saw on the weather forecast that it should stop at 12:00 and our first session would be on 14:00. When we started the track dried completely and we where driving in the sun.

In the first corner I got a warning from the tires that where not yet at temperature and because of this  @Peter was already gone. But had a nice fight with some other riders.

Session 2 was very promising, after I got back in the pits I saw a 1:47.99 on my laptimer \o/ Very pleased by beating the time of  @Peter and it was indeed a very good session but very hot.

The last session was a nice session of overtaking. Our speed improved a lot and we start to notice that even in the fasted session we are riding from group to group. Passing riders is getting more and more easy. You can also notice the lap times are getting more consistent. All below 1:50 for 11 laps!

The intention for this year was to get below the 1:45 but it seems to unreachable. Next year we will try to break the 1:45 at  @Circuit Zolder.


Zolder 04-09-2013 Sessie 1 (Dry weather)
Zolder 04-09-2013 Sessie 2 (Dry weather)
Zolder 04-09-2013 Sessie 3 (Dry weather)



Session Lap Time Speed
3 4 01:47.999 133.7 km/h