October 02, 2016 by Johan at Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Last day of the year on SPA a disaster

Fastest lap time: 03:06.000 (135.6 km/h)

Last day at SPA and our race group is complete again.

When we arrived it was chaos. The normal (ster) entrance was not available and we had to take the other entrance to enter the paddock.  (suggestion for the organisation: high vehicles use blanchimont, other can use ster).
When arrived we found a nice spot, one all was our of the car a person from the organisation came by to tell us we cannot stay here and we have to move. Going to the sound test a standard bike had 103dB of sound with a 100dB of a limit. This is impossible and at track that have a 95dB limit I never had any warnings. But the person doing the measure was standing practically next to my engine instead of behind the exhaust and then of course there is more noise. Also a crash course would be good for them!

Started on slics because the track was not that wet and looked dry. But when we entered the track it was like riding in ice. Had a big moment on La Rouche that was enough to enter the pits. Because I did not have a spare set of rims with rain tires I had to change the tires on the rims I have and that took a lot of time. The 3rd session was a good one. 6th time of all fast riders was nice.

The 4th session the track was drying again and I went out on the rain tires, changing tires takes to much time and effort. Having done 2 laps the rain tires they got overheated and left me no choice to go back in again. The last session looks like it will stay dry and took the chance to switch back so slics. 10 minutes before the session starts it stared to rain a lot.

The end of the 2016 year and see you guys back in 2017!



SPA 02-10-2016 Sessie 4 (Dry weather / WET Tire :/)


Session Lap Time Speed
3 5 03:06.000 135.6 km/h