April 16, 2017 by Johan at TT Circuit Assen

Time for a race license with TOMS

Fastest lap time: 02:09.165 (127.0 km/h)

It is time to step up and get our race license.

When we arrived the weather was as always mixed. Due to the delay in the briefing we got late at the first session and did 1,5 lap.

The second briefing was also delayed and it started to rain and we needed to switch to our rain tires which took to time. Getting there late again... The organisation kept telling us to prepare and take your time but the schedule and their delays prevented us from getting ready properly.

Then one of the riders spilled oil on the track and we had to do a shorter version of the track and due to the number of riders we where limited to 60km/h. Can you imagine doing 60km/h on a race track doing training your breaking?? When we even thought of breaking you where at a still long before the corner. Not ideal.

The 4th session seemed to be a dry one but some heavy clouds warned for new rain. @Dennis and I stayed on the rain tires (wrong choice) and @Peter switched to slicks (right choice). But even we where on the rain tires on a fully dry track we did some good laps. Got a 10th time of 49 racers and @Peter was in the first spot (i'm jealous).

The 5th session was about starting and especially getting of the starting line. I tried some methods to which one matched my feelings and getting of the line good. After7 launches I knew which one was good for me and I could get a good drive.

The 6th was one of my favourites, small sprints with pairs of 3 riders. They launched riders every 20 seconds and the goal was to get away fast and cross the imaginary finish line first. Every sprint I did I ended in the first place. Started 2 times on P1 and 3 times on P3 but I ways always the first one to enter the corner (Haarspedlbocht) and maintaining the position.
I always had a very good feeling for getting away from the line, the front weel hoovering the tarmac quick shifting to 4th gear and then break hard for the corner. Loved the feeling!

At the end we got our certificate and now we can (if we want) compete in the races 

No camera's where allowed so no video footage this time.



Session Lap Time Speed
4 4 02:09.165 127.0 km/h