May 18, 2017 by Johan at Circuit Zolder

The endurance training

Fastest lap time: 01:50.140 (131.1 km/h)

When we booked this day we did not that on the 6th of June 2017 we are going to ride the 4 hours of Assen. Therefore we took the opportunity to check out our pitbord, train the crew and do full sessions to see our physical endurance.

The morning started out with rain, rain and rain. Because I totally destroyed my rain tyres last time and did not bought new ones I had to pass on the 2 morning sessions.

The other crew was riding ok and  @Peter had his motorcycle in the shop and drove a BMW K1200RS (not a race bike :P ) but left  @Dennis and me for some good training.

My first session was a good one, the track was dry and the sun appeared so we could but down a nice pace. Started with a 2:01, and ended with a 1:52. Every lap I did I was faster and feeling better on the bike. Tried to get comfortable with a riding style that I could keep up for 30 minutes and that 3 times for the endurance. Made progress and could keep the times consistent.

The second and third sessions went better and better. Did many 1:50's and  @Dennis also dropped to the 1:50 and did even a 1:49 (a PR for him).
The last session was 25 minutes and could do it ease but made some breaking errors so the times where not so consistent but my goal was to do the full 25 minutes.

Had a good day even missing out on the 2 sessions and made some good improvement. Next time will be a race on Assen!


Zolder 18-05-2017 Side view (Dry track, slippery curbstones) sessie 3
Zolder 18-05-2017 Side view (Dry track, slippery curbstones) sessie 4
Zolder 18-05-2017 Side view (Dry track) sessie 5



Session Lap Time Speed
4 7 01:50.140 131.1 km/h