June 09, 2017 by Johan at TT Circuit Assen

3rd time at Assen after our 4 hour race

Fastest lap time: 02:03.000 (133.3 km/h)

3rd time at Assen after our 4 hour race.

I didn't wanted to go on this track day very much because it was very short after our 4 hour race. This season I'm not as fast as the year before. The times I put down on the track are way off what I wanted of expected to be.

The day started with a lot of rain. Due to not feeling completely fit I skipped the rain part. I went out on the 5th session and mounted the rain tires but it was not raining anymore.  @Peter crashed in front of me (unknown reason) I went back in the pits to inform the other riders that it was a minor crash and he is ok. When I came back out he was already riding again.

The 6th and last session was in the dry on slicks but did not have the feeling that I had. My body was hurting a little bit and not feeling fit reflected in the lap times. Ended at a 2:03. Did some good laps and had fun taking over some other riders during the session.

Now holidays!


TT Circuit Assen 09-06-2017 session 5 (crash in front of me)
TT Circuit Assen 09-06-2017 session 6



Session Lap Time Speed
6 5 02:03.000 133.3 km/h