April 28, 2017 by Johan at Circuit Zolder

And Zolder again :-)

Fastest lap time: 01:54.000 (126.7 km/h)

Zolder again, lets see what it will bring this time. And it did bring something...

The day before we looked at the weather and no rain was predicted. So my bike was still on rain tires from Assen so I switched them to Slick. Of course when we got there RAIN...

Switched back to rain and went out again. Very soon I noticed that the tires where not in a good condition anymore (used them to much on the dry) and the right corners the bike was dancing. So I kept the speed below the critical point and did some good laps.  @Peter was much much much faster (7 seconds per lap) and no change to keep up with him. The second session was more like the same but  @Peter decided to make huge highsider and crashend good. The bike was beyond repair for today (see photos).

But despite the rain tires the track dried up and I could mount the slicks. Straight from the tire warmers on the track and I noticed that after +/- 10 minutes the tires where lossing grip and I knew that point I could not keep the heat in the tire during the session. The track and outside temperature was low but kept out for the full session.

We had 7 sessions that day and the last 2 where the best. Track warmed up a little sometimes the sun appeared and the 7th session was the one I put down the fastest time 1:54. Definitely not the fastest I did but the pass was around 1:56 ~ 1:58 during the sessions. Not bad considered the conditions.

In 3 weeks we ride again on Zolder, lets hope the weather will be better and everybody stays on their bikes (  @Peter )


Zolder 28-04-2017 Session 7 (Dry track, slippery curbstones)
Zolder 28-04-2017 Side view (Dry track, slippery curbstones)



Session Lap Time Speed
7 3 01:54.000 126.7 km/h