June 06, 2017 by Johan at TT Circuit Assen

4 hours of TT Circuit Assen

Our first endurance :O

After we got our license  @Peter and I thought lets do a endurance race! Made some phone calls and we got a team. Later  @Dennis joined us to and we got 3 riders and a pit crew.

It started with a meeting with all the team members to discuss what we need how it will go etc... Ended up in talking a lot and when we left there was a lot unclear. But it was fun.

Normally we ride just for fun and our bikes do not meet the race standards, now they needed and we needed to make some adjustments. When doing maintenance on my bike we saw that the throttle body was nog mounted correctly and the spark plugs needed to be replaced. A full maintenance was applied to make sure we are race ready.

My wife and parents also came to the day to experience how everything goes. So a little more exciting for me to hope everything goes well. We had first 4 training sessions that where very difficult, rain, dry, rain, dry etc... This made it hard to predict what tyres we needed and the crew changes them on and off. I did about 3 laps in the training sessions and we went straight into the qualifications. I was in the rain and after one lap my bike started to shut down every corner. Completely without any power. Because of this I decided to stop at the track because I didn't want to stall at a fast part and other bikes hit me. Back in the pit they saw that the electronics where completely wet and the water pored out. They started to fix this immediately and the bike was quickly ready. Also Peter crashed but his bike was repaired very quickly by the team and only Dennis got a good qualification time. We started at 8th place!

Due to Dennis not having a starter engine Peter was set to start on rain tires. But the start was delayed due to oil on the track. This delayed the start 30 minutes and in this time the track dried up. We waited to see which tyres the other rider went out and it was mixed, dry and rain tyres went out. Later the correct choice would be slicks. Jelle helped positioning the bike and Peter started. The idea was to set the bike in first gear with the ignition on. So just jump on and press the start button and release the clutch. Due to the excitement Peter thought the bike was not in ignition and turned the bike off and then on and put it in second gear. In other words a disaster! But he is good in taking over and late breaking so when he came in we where 6th!!

Dennis went out on slicks and started a very good run, every lap he came through we saw him passing riders and after 30 minutes we where in 3rd place. My time to go out. Due to the very limited training and qualification time I struggled getting a good pace but I was making faster times every lap but lost 3 positions and came in after 30 minutes in 6th place. Peter went out and gained some positions again and then Dennis and we where back in 3rd. We had a good pace, the pit stops went good and my last run was up and it went better then the first run. Dropped from 3rd to 4th but took it back and at the end was still in 3rd. But then the a official came to inform us we had a penalty and the next rider needs to "pay" it. I went to the start of the pit lane and we had 3 penalties: 2 for speeding in the pit lane and a rider was to long on the track.
This cost us 3x 180 seconds which we lost our position and fell back to a 9th place. Dennis went out for the last time and the competition was simply to far ahead to make up for some places.

We ended up in 9th in our class of the 14 starters (in our class) and it was a very very nice experience! The whole team worked hard and it was a unique day. It certainly was fun and thats why we went to this event.
A very high probability that next year we will be present again and this time we know where to pay attention on and might be on a podium place.

Want to thank the whole team: Ben, Geert ,Harley ,Jelle, Peter and the fellow riders!


4 uur van Assen 2017
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