April 21, 2018 by Johan at Circuit Zolder


Fastest lap time: 01:51.000 (130.1 km/h)

And we are back again! The sun was 30 degrees and strong!

Temperature was very good and the day started excellent. Together with  @Peter we had 5 sessions of fun on the track.

Started off with a 1:53 and ended with a 1:51.00. My physical condition is still not that good and I noticed this when moving my body on the corners. Leaning of and keeping in position was so tough...

We rode in the fastest group and of 70 riders I made it to the 37th time. Not bad if I say so myself.

Leaving the track with a big smile and lots of run and FAST laps.


Zolder 21-04-2018 Sessie 1 (Dry weather)
Zolder 21-04-2018 Sessie 3 (Dry weather)
Zolder 21-04-2018 Sessie 4 (Dry weather)
Zolder 21-04-2018 Sessie 5 (Dry weather)
Zolder 21-04-2018 Sessie 6 (Dry weather)



Session Lap Time Speed
1 5 01:53.000 127.8 km/h
3 6 01:54.000 126.7 km/h
5 8 01:51.000 130.1 km/h
6 5 01:52.000 128.9 km/h