August 05, 2016 by Johan at Circuit Zolder

ART training circuit Zolder attempt 2

Fastest lap time: 01:51.000 (130.1 km/h)

A second attempt for a training. Our last training fell into ☔ 
It was not possible for safe instructions and we did some nice laps of our own. 

The day started very well. The circuit was dry and we where in the fasted training frou with Nickey the Wit as instructor. The first session was to discover the track and build up the speed so that the instructor could see the level of speed that we could follow. Each of the riders could follow the instructor for 2 laps and see the lines he was doing. After the session we got instructions about how to attack the corners and the acceleration.

The second session we started with individual chase of the instructor for 3 laps and receive comments about the riding style. Of course a day at  @Circuit Zolder cannot stay without rain and we aborted the session early. Some changed to rain tires and wend out for session 3 but we stayed in. I did not have a spare set of rims with rain tires and the rain was only briefly. Just made the lunch a little longer ;)

The 4th session Nickey was follwing me to check out my riding style, they were fun laps but we could not use the curbs. They where still to slippery because of the previous rain and that prevented my for doing some fast laps. The final commend that  @Peter an I got where the same. Put the bike up faster so that we can open the throttle even faster and break later. Our styles where good to start building up the speed in a responsible way.

The last session was a free session in the sun and we all went on the track. Because we went on as last we could start our overtaking.  @Peter always starts from the first corner very fast that caused to get caught up in some traffic. Tried to put the suggestion into practice and had a fun session.

It was a nice day even with the rain.


ART Training Zolder 05-08-2016 Sessie 1 (Dry weather)
ART Training Zolder 05-08-2016 Sessie 2 (Dry weather)
ART Training Zolder 05-08-2016 Sessie 3 (Wet weather)
ART Training Zolder 05-08-2016 Sessie 4 (Dry weather)
ART Training Zolder 05-08-2016 Sessie 5 (Dry weather)



Session Lap Time Speed
2 3 01:51.000 130.1 km/h