Circuit Park Zandvoort

Adres: Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KA Zandvoort, Netherlands
Land: Nederland
Lengte: 4,31 kilometers
Aantal bochten: 12
Linkerbochten: 5
Rechterbochten: 7
Tank station:

Positie Coureur Tijd
Amature 1000
1 Johan 02:06.563

Circuitdagen op dit circuit

After 3 years we where back at @Circuit_Park_Zandvoort. The weather forecast was not very good. During 11:00 and 14:00 there would be rain and therefore I had to skip 2 sessions. Session 1 was wit... lees meer
For the second time at @Circuit_Park_Zandvoort. It is not a track that suites me a lot but we ended up in the fastest group. There was also a race and we where surprised that it had a standing star... lees meer
First time ever at @Circuit_Park_Zandvoort. A very technical track that has some challenging corners. Need to get used to the new bike but was able to put down some good laps. Had a fun day. lees meer

Temperatuur: 14,6°
Gevoelstemperatuur: 14,6°
Neerslagintensiteit: 0mm/uur
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