Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

Adres: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium
Land: België
Lengte: 7 kilometers
Aantal bochten: 19
Breedte: 11 meters
Rechte stuk: 900 meters
Linkerbochten: 10
Rechterbochten: 9
Decibels: Max. dB: 100
Tank station:

Positie Coureur Tijd
Amature 1000
1 Wouter - WOOKIE 02:46.350
2 Johan 02:55.211

Circuitdagen op dit circuit

Last day at SPA and our race group is complete again. When we arrived it was chaos. The normal (ster) entrance was not available and we had to take the other entrance to enter the paddock.  (sugge... lees meer
For the second time this yeas at @Circuit_Spa-Francorchamps and expecting thunderstorms. But non of that happened. We had 31 degrees with a lot of sun! I had some trouble with by bike weeling to ea... lees meer
allereerste keer spa In het beging wel enorm aanpassen aan de snelheden dat je hier haalt :-) namiddag ging het pak beter wegens groep hoger en eens deftige rijlijnen te zien . lees meer
First time at @Circuit_Spa-Francorchamps this year and it started in a queue to change to rain tires. First time with my @CBR1000RR on rain tires and it was a good experience. Could keep up nicely ... lees meer
Now back with a proper race bike at @Circuit_Spa-Francorchamps. The first one was on the CB1000R and that is quite different. Had a wonderful day with a lot of sun and fast laps. lees meer
My very first track day ever at @Circuit_Spa-Francorchamps. The weather was sunny and was very nervous that day. Did follow a rider training and got very quickly familiar with the track and speed.... lees meer

Temperatuur: 11,5°
Gevoelstemperatuur: 11,5°
Neerslagintensiteit: 0mm/uur
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