TT-Circuit Assen

Adres: Tt-Tunnelweg, 9405 Assen, Netherlands
Land: Nederland
Lengte: 4,56 kilometers
Aantal bochten: 21
Breedte: 14 meters
Rechte stuk: 487 meters
Linkerbochten: 8
Rechterbochten: 14
Decibels: Max. dB: 100
Tank station:

Positie Coureur Tijd
Amature 1000
1 Wouter - WOOKIE 01:49.590
2 Peter 01:57.000
3 Dennis 01:57.000
4 Johan 01:57.000
Amature 600
1 Geert 02:09.189
2 YE11OW 02:15.400

Circuitdagen op dit circuit

The last time on the TT Circuit of Assen this year. This year we had a lot of rain and mixed conditions. This day we are blessed with a temperature of 30 degrees and a lot of sun! First time out ... lees meer
3rd time at Assen after our 4 hour race. I didn't wanted to go on this track day very much because it was very short after our 4 hour race. This season I'm not as fast as the year before. The time... lees meer
Our first endurance :O After we got our license @Peter and I thought lets do a endurance race! Made some phone calls and we got a team. Later @Dennis joined us to and we got 3 riders and a pit cre... lees meer
It is time to step up and get our race license. When we arrived the weather was as always mixed. Due to the delay in the briefing we got late at the first session and did 1,5 lap. The second brie... lees meer
Arrived at @TT-Circuit_Assen we all very nervous and we all found a sleeping place Zzzz... In the morning we woke up with a blue sky and the sun shining. We could not which for better weather. Fro... lees meer
2daagse assen met de hele bende altijd goed gelachen :) smorgens 1ste sessie barkoud daarna rond 18 graden zonnetje op de asfalt dus was wel lekker rijden :) lees meer
With the whole team back at @TT-Circuit_Assen for the second time for me. The MotoGP can be jealous at the weather we had. Lots of sun and a perfect track surface. Make big improvements and very ha... lees meer
First time back on the track after my crash at @Circuit_Zolder and 2 months of recovery. The cast just gone off for one week and my hand was still not at full strength. Did 2 sessions to gain confi... lees meer

Temperatuur: -2,6°
Gevoelstemperatuur: -7,2°
Neerslagintensiteit: 0mm/uur
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