08 de Julho de 2016 por Johan em Circuit Park Zandvoort

Back at Circuitpark Zandvoort (MSL CUP)

Volta mais rápida: 02:06.563 (122.5 km/h)

After 3 years we where back at  @Circuit Park Zandvoort. The weather forecast was not very good. During 11:00 and 14:00 there would be rain and therefore I had to skip 2 sessions.

Session 1 was with mixed feelings. The track was a little wet and could not get the temperature in the front tire. The tirewarmer could not get the tire higher then 70 degrees and I noticed it right away. Because I could not get up to speed the tire got cooler and the grip decreased by every lap.

I upped the temperature of my MotoGP tirewarmers to 100 degrees and got them up to 80 degrees because of the strong wind. Instead of starting with ease I started full throttle and it had the right effect. Got the tires up to speed and wend from a 2:12 to a 2:08 with a steady rhythm. Still getting used to the track (not my favorite) and each lap went better and better.

The weather turned and had to skip 2 sessions.

With only one session left (the race) all drivers where divided into 2 groups. Because the lack of fast laps I dropped back into the second group but on the 2nd start place.  @Peter was 3rd. We had a rolling start and  @Dennis told me that it is key to keep an eye on the rider in front of you. With that knowledge the first rider was not getting on the gas when we where cleared to start the race and that gave me a very good position and I could gain more speed before passing the finish line. Immediately we passed the finish line I passed him and lead the race from that moment on. With 17 seconds of difrnce I won the race. I didn't notice that the race was ended because of the adrenaline rush.

My first time to end up at the first place, very pleased with the result!


Zandvoort 08-07-2016 Sessie 1 (Dry weather)
Zandvoort 08-07-2016 Sessie 2 (Dry weather)
Zandvoort 08-07-2016 Sessie 5 MSL CUP winner race (Dry weather)
Zandvoort 08-07-2016 Sessie 5 MSL CUP winner race (Dry weather)


Tempo da volta

Sessão Volta Tempo Velocidade
5 6 02:06.563 122.5 km/h